Brüderlein, Berthoud, Martin-Du Pan

& Dubois-Ferrière

Members of the Geneva Bar Association


Bruderlein, Berthoud & Martin-Du Pan was founded in 1965. It provides expert and pragmatic advice to private clients and companies based in Geneva or in Switzerland, or with links to Switzerland.

Since 1995, the firm’s practice has been extended to tax matters (advice and litigation).

In December 2019 our firm opened an office in Stans to manage the Swiss companies based in the canton of Nidwald

The firm has a broad network of first rate international correspondents across the world, enabling the structuring and the administration of its clients’ worldwide assets, as well as ensuring smooth succession to the next generation.

Moreover the firm’s lawyers advise shareholders and board members of Swiss and foreign operating companies on legal, strategic, financial and tax matters. The firm also has a specialist expertise in commercial contracts.






14, rue de la Corraterie

1204 Genève

Alter Postplatz 2

6370 Stans